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International Student Associations

During orientation new students also get an opportunity to meet officers of the International Student Associations. The International Student Association (ISA) is the undergraduate student association at Rutgers, which promotes international and cross-cultural understanding and appreciation. They sponsor a variety of events, including the Annual International Fashion and Talent Show, international buffets, etc. The International Student Affairs Committee (ISAC) is a committee of the Graduate Student Association and is made up of international graduate students. It organizes various cross-cultural events throughout the year to make new students feel closer to home and get them acquainted with students from around the world. ISAC's Multicultural Social Hour is a very popular event held two or more times per month throughout the academic year.

There are many other student associations at Rutgers-nearly one for every interest you might have!

For more information about these student associations, please visit their websites.

1) International Student Association (ISA) for undergraduate students

International Student Association (ISA) website is currently being updated. For more information, please contact the president of ISA directly at

2) International Student Affairs Committee (ISAC) for graduate students

Visit the International Student Affairs Committee (ISAC) website at:
For more information, please contact the chairperson of ISAC directly at