Center for Global Services
Transfer of J-1 Visa Sponsorship to Rutgers

Note: the instructions below do not apply to full-time degree-seeking students planning to transfer to Rutgers' visa sponsorship. Those instructions appear on the Transfer of Visa Sponsorship to Rutgers page.

J-1 professors, research scholars and short term scholars planning to transfer to Rutgers' visa sponsorship from another U.S. institution should have their sponsoring department at Rutgers contact the Center for Global Services directly, since all paperwork must be generated by the department.

In addition, if you are planning to transfer to Rutgers' J-1 program, you will be asked to complete a J-1 Professor/Scholar Transfer In Form and to have your current program sponsor provide certain information our Center will need before we can complete your J-1 transfer to Rutgers University.

The J-1 transfer process requires the current J-1 program sponsor (your current institution) to "release" your SEVIS record to Rutgers University's control. In "releasing" the record they provide a "release date" on which Rutgers can access the record in SEVIS and proceed to transfer you to Rutgers. You should plan to discuss this date with your current international office's staff in order to ensure that you are not employed at your current institution after the release date.

Please note: the government's SEVIS data system does not consider your J-1 transfer to be processed until you complete a "check in" at the Center for Global Services and provide us with your local address. This must be done no more than 30 days after your "release date" to Rutgers or your SEVIS record will automatically terminate and you will be considered "out of legal status" in the U.S.