Center for Global Services
Transfer of H-1B Visa Sponsorship to Rutgers (Portability)

A nonimmigrant currently in H-1B status with another employer (other than Rutgers) can begin H-1B employment with Rutgers as soon as Rutgers has obtained a USCIS Receipt Notice for filing its own H-1B petition for the individual's employment at Rutgers. This arrangement is called "Portability."

While neither the employee nor Rutgers has to wait for Rutgers' H-1B petition to be approved in order for the new employment to begin, if Rutgers' H-1B petition should for any reason be denied, the work authorization allowed by "portability" is automatically and immediately terminated.

To qualify for H-1B "portability" employment, ALL of the following must apply to the prospective employee:

It is absolutely necessary for foreign nationals transferring to Rutgers in H-1B status under the benefit of H-1B "portability" to maintain H-1B employment (and thus legal status) at their current institution until the Center receives from USCIS a Receipt Notice for the H-1B petition filed by Rutgers on their behalf. H-1B "portability" employment at Rutgers cannot begin before Rutgers has received this Receipt Notice, and in no case can H-1B employment begin at Rutgers prior to the start date of the Rutgers-sponsored H-1B petition. It is therefore critical that the H-1B petition is filed well in advance of the employment start date. Please note that portability benefits do not apply if the previous H-1B employment has ceased more than one business day prior to the start date noted on the H-1B petition Rutgers has filed.