Center for Global Services
Filing Fees and Rutgers Fee Policies

Government Filing Fees and Policies
There are various government filing fees that must be paid in the process of sponsoring J-1 and H-1B visa holders, as well as in filing green card petitions on behalf of eligible employees. For some of these fees, federal regulations dictate that the visa sponsor must pay. Where federal regulations do not dictate who pays, however, Rutgers' policy does. Instructional packets that the Center for Global Services provides to host departments usually specify who is responsible for paying which fee, but host departments should speak with a Center staff member when in doubt about a specific fee.

Visa processing Fees
Effective July 1, 2014, the Center for Global Services will begin charging internal visa processing fees for J-1 faculty, scholars and student interns, H-1B and green card processing. These fees will assist the Center in making improvements to the many services we offer to our international clientele. Hiring units wishing to hire a foreign national should keep in mind that these new fees are in addition to USCIS standard filing fees for H-1B and green card petitions. Visa processing fees must be paid via a journal entry by the hiring unit at the time of submitting the application. All fees pertaining to J-1 requests must be transacted via the Online DS-2019 Request Program.

Late Fees
Visa sponsoring departments are asked to submit all applications and forms to the Center in a timely fashion in order to provide Center staff with ample time to carefully process and prepare the appropriate paperwork and/or application. Departments submitting applications to the Center past established deadlines will be required to pay a late fee and submit a Late Fee Transmittal Form along with the late-filed materials. Applications/request forms received by the Center after established deadlines will be returned to the requesting department if they are not accompanied by a completed Late Fee Transmittal Form.