Center for Global Services
Where Do I Start? A General Introduction
to Sponsoring Faculty, Researchers and Scholars at Rutgers

Academic and research units enter into a cooperative arrangement with the Center for Global Services when hosting foreign national scholars at Rutgers under the University's J-1 or H-1B visa sponsorship, and, when applicable, in serving as the sponsor of a green card for eligible employees. Qualified and experienced staff of the Center guide and advise departments through the paperwork and procedures necessary to host or employ those foreign nationals whose visits meet criteria set forth in the University Policy on Hiring Foreign Nationals.

Host units assume significant legal liability on behalf of the entire University in ensuring compliance with complex federal regulations governing the employment of J-1 and H-1B visa holders and the sponsorship of eligible employees for a green card. As such, host departments are expected to assign to one permanent staff member full accountability in ensuring the department meets its legal responsibilities as outlined in the Center's departmental instruction packets for each visa classification or type of petition/application.

Each year, the Center offers training workshops for departmental staff responsible for handling visa-and immigration-related paperwork for their departments. All academic and research units should have at least one person on their staff who has attended all such workshops appropriate to their needs.

University Titles and Corresponding Visa Types Permitted under University Visa Sponsorship Policy
Rutgers has some very specific policies on the types of visa sponsorship it will allow, as well as the types of positions (titles) eligible for visa sponsorship. Please see University Titles and Corresponding Visa Types Permitted under University Visa Sponsorship Policy for details.

Procedures for Different Visa Types
After determining the appropriate visa type for the job title (see above), please select the applicable visa type below for procedural information.

J-1 Sponsorship

H-1B Sponsorship

Permanent Residence ("Green Card") Sponsorship

F-1, B-1, TN and Other Visa Classifications

University Policy on Hiring Foreign Nationals