Center for Global Services
International Women's Group (IWG)

Accompanying spouses of international faculty, researchers and students sometimes feel isolated because they do not have the automatic connection with the Rutgers community that the primary J-1 or H-1B visa holder has. In many cases, the accompanying spouse has left behind a job, friends and/or personal networks that were important to their own identity, and they sometimes feel that without those connections their personal identity is lost. The Rutgers International Women's Group (IWG) offers a variety of programs organized by and for wives of international faculty, researchers and students. From English Conversation Classes to cultural presentations to day-trips to local points of interest, the IWG's programs are varied, educational and fun. The IWG is a vibrant organization that is of interest primarily to female spouses of visiting students and scholars, but the group occasionally opens special programs to male spouses, as well.