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An Introduction to Rutgers University's
International Friendship Program (IFP)

What is the International Friendship Program (IFP)?

The International Friendship Program (IFP) is designed to bring Rutgers international students together with Rutgers and local community members in a comfortable environment that is conducive to cross-cultural friendship and learning. It is a program that draws together people who are interested in learning and sharing about different cultures and gaining a deeper understanding of cross-cultural issues. Community members from towns neighboring the New Brunswick/Piscataway campus and members of the Rutgers community itself participate in the IFP as American friends/hosts. In the spirit of hospitality and friendship, the IFP aims to reduce cultural barriers and stereotypes, and to promote cross-cultural understanding and sensitivity.

The IFP is sponsored by the Center for Global Services as both a support program for Rutgers-New Brunswick international students and as a service to members of local communities interested in cross-cultural friendships. The program was initiated 18 years ago and is continually evolving and improving to provide the best forum possible for cross-cultural exchange.

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What are the IFP's Three Main Programs?

The IFP offers three main programs for international students and American friends/hosts. Members can choose to participate in any or all of the programs. Each program is designed to meet different needs of new international students and to provide time-commitment options for friends/hosts. The program coordinator makes every effort, when possible, to accommodate the needs and schedules of all IFP participants.

How can I join?

*OR- just come to one of our events to decide if you want to be a member!

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