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The International Friendship Program (IFP) is about bringing Rutgers international students together with Rutgers and local community members in a comfortable environment that is conducive to cross-cultural friendship and learning. This program is for people who are interested in learning and sharing about different cultures and gaining a deeper understanding of cross-cultural issues. Rutgers domestic students and local community members participate as the IFP hosts. The IFP aims to reduce cultural barriers and stereotypes, and to promote cross-cultural understanding and sensitivity.

The IFP is sponsored by the Center for Global Services as both a support program for Rutgers-New Brunswick international students and as a service to members of local communities interested in cross-cultural friendships. The program was initiated over 20 years ago and is continually evolving and improving to provide the best forum possible for cross-cultural exchange.

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The IFP is flexible and IFP members may get involved in whichever ways best fits their schedule and interest.

Our Group Meetings occur on a weekly basis during the fall and spring semesters. You can also chose to participate in our Holiday Dinner Program and learn more about inviting an international guest for a dinner at your home. You may also sign up to be matched or serve as a Conversation Partner.

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