Center for Global Services

Group Meetings
The group meetings are a wonderful weekly opportunity for international students to practice their conversational English skills in a cross-cultural group setting. In addition, domestic students (IFP Hosts) can learn more about the international students on-campus. Members are not required to come each week and the schedule is flexible enough to join as and when members are free. The meetings include a combination of academic and social activities. It is a great way to make new friends and learn how to use American expressions and idioms.

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Conversation Partners
IFP hosts and international students can sign up to be assigned to a conversation partner. You may request to be assigned a conversation partners by the IFP program coordinator or you may also meet your own partner at one of the group meetings. Often, IFP hosts help the international students practice English and learn more casual conversation. Some IFP hosts request to participate in a language exchange where they may want to learn/practice a new language from their partner. For example, an American student studying Mandarin might wish to partner with an international student from China. In this case, both students will benefit from language practice by arranging a schedule that allows for each person to speak the other's language.

Generally, we recommend that conversation partners meet once per week.
Partners usually plan their own schedule for the semester. Beyond that, the frequency and length of time can vary depending on the schedule and interests of both partners.

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