Center for Global Services
Update on Executive Order: 
May 25, 2017. A federal appeals court has upheld the block on the travel ban. For the latest news and updates on the Presidential Executive Order, visit the NAFSA (Association of International Educators) website.

March 15, 2017. The U.S. District Court in Hawaii issued a nationwide temporary restraining order, putting a temporary stop on the executive order which was to go into effect on March 16, 2017.

Information on Presidential Executive Orders as they affect Rutgers students, faculty, and scholars will continue to be updated on this page. Please check back frequently for the most recent guidance.

Contact us: Please reach out to your international student/faculty/scholar adviser with any questions and feel free to stop by our offices.
Welcome to the Center for Global Services

The Center for Global Services coordinates cultural programs and immigration-related services for approximately 6000 international students, scholars, faculty, and their dependents, and serves the broader campus community in an administrative and advisory capacity.

The Center's mission is to provide quality and timely services, to demystify federal immigration regulations as much as possible for the university constituencies we serve, and to assist members of the campus' international community in the cultural adjustment process.

The Center for Global Services is a part of the university-wide
Centers for Global Advancement and International Affairs (GAIA Centers). The GAIA Centers work toward developing a comprehensive, campus-wide set of international initiatives and services, initiating collaborative projects and strategic partnerships around the world, and expanding students' opportunities for international study and research.